3-in-1 Pet Essential: 500ML Stainless Steel Combo with Automatic Dog Waterer, Feeder & Cat Bowl

Color - 3 in 1 Green
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Introducing the Ultimate Dining Experience for Your Furry Friend: The 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Combo!

Elevate your pet's dining with our uniquely designed bowl set that offers both dry and wet food compartments, ensuring a diverse and delightful diet. Crafted from thickened stainless steel, our bowl promises durability, resistance to rust and wear, and a hygiene-first feeding experience.

But that's not all:

🔹 Stay-Flow Hydration: With our automatic water replenishment system, your pet gets a consistent water flow, ensuring they're always hydrated without overfilling.

🔹 One Size Fits All: Whether you're a cat parent or a dog lover, our large-capacity bowl caters to all, delivering unmatched value for your investment.

🔹 Switch & Swap: Need to change the water bottle? No problem! Our versatile design allows for an easy swap with any 28mm bottle.

🔹 Stay-Clean Design: Say goodbye to yellowing mouth hair from prolonged water exposure. Our anti-wet mouth partition ensures your pet stays clean, while also acting as a dust preventer.

🔹 Stylish Choices: Personalize your pet's space with 8 fashionable color contrasts that seamlessly blend with any home decor.

Discover a blend of style, durability, and convenience. Make every meal an occasion for your pet!